Bharat Rasayan R&D Laboratory is headed by a team of highly experienced and qualified technocrats, who are capable enough to undertake number of reactions and processes to develop new products as per the market trend. We are committed to create customer advantage by offering value added products and services through innovation with the help of strong support of Research and Development team.

As part of the company's quality management policy the quality control unit at Bharat Rasayan is responsible for testing raw materials, intermediates and final products to ensure compliance with specifications. For each material, an approved testing procedure is available which defines the different analytical methods and their acceptance criteria. The tests are carried out according to appropriate guidelines on qualified instruments that are calibrated at defined intervals. Method validations are performed according to the actual appropriate guidelines.

Main analytical methods are:

Liquid chromatography (HPLC)
Gas chromatography (GC)
Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
IR - and NIR Spectroscopy
UV/VIS spectroscopy
Melting point
Loss on drying
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC
Other gravimetric and thermogravimetric methods
Total organic carbon (TOC)
Specific pharmacopoeia tests as required

We also have the capability to conduct MS, GCMS, NMR and other required analysis. We have alliances with a number of reputed analytical service providers for the same.

Bharat Rasayan offers versatile small-scale production capabilities to quickly respond to the demand for small quantities and scale-up development needs (1 to 50 kg). Our facilities are suited to the manufacturing of chemical intermediates and pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as for marketed small-volume high value products. The small-scale capabilities are equipped to handle hazardous products.

Our experience in different chemical reactions enable us to deliver new complex organic compounds within weeks instead of months.

Bharat Rasayan's modular approach to tailor the equipment as needed, enables these facilities to be used for small- to medium-scale production on one hand, and for process and technology transfer and scale-up to feed our large-scale multipurpose plants on the other hand.

500ml, 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L versatile glass reactors.

10L, 20L, 70L, 150L and 250L Stainless Steel reactors.>

All the reactors are equipped with auxiliary equipments such as

Distillation columns
Addition assemblies
Metering and dosing pumps
High vacuum pumps
Separation and Extraction
Small scale autoclave
Vacuum Ovens
Vacuum Pumps
Metering pumps

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Bharat Rasayan has Multipurpose Production facilities at Tarapur in Maharashtra.

Tarapur is located around 100Km from Mumbai.
The nearest port is Navha Sheva (100Km) and the nearest Airport is Mumbai Airport (100Km).
Our Corporate office is located in Mumbai, India.
Our Sales Offices are located in India, USA and South East Asia.

Bharat Rasayan is fully aware of its responsibility towards protecting the enviornment and occupational hazards. In line with our enviornmental policy and compliance to the regulatory norms, we have installed Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at our manufacturing unit to treat all the effluents released from the factory.

Bharat Rasayan has fully equipped ETP which includes Primary, Secondary & Tertiary treatments. Scrubbers have also been installed to scrub polluted gases. The treated effluents are released to the government approved Central Effluent Treatment Facility (CETP). The CETP further treats the effluent before discharge. CETP is operated by Tarapur Industrial Manufacturers Association (TIMA).

We are working towards adopting ISO 14001:2015 for the plant.